[Development] QAnyStringView

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Mon Jun 29 09:20:12 CEST 2020

>> BTW, any chance we can bait-and-switch, renaming QStringView to
>> QUtf16StringView and rename QAnyStringView into the newly liberated name?

Philippe (25 June 2020 08:40) asked:
> When we deal with strings, the "Uff" affix is unecessarily verbose.
> I mean,
> QStringView16
> is understandable and more friendly/readable than
> QUtf16StringView

Notice that we want to distinguish QLatin1String from QUtf8StringView;
although both are 8-bit encodings, Latin-1 and UTF-8 give different
meaning to some 8-bit tokens.

Likewise, the point of saying QUtf16StringView would be to make clear
that the encoding is UTF-16 (a.k.a. UCS-2); whereas QStringView16 only
says it uses 16-bit units to store its contents, it doesn't say what
semantics it gives to those 16-bit units.  (Not that I'm aware of any
other 16-bit encodings, as it happens.)  So the point is to indicate the
encoding, not just the size.


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