[Development] Nominating Daniel Smith as approver

Andy Shaw andy.shaw at qt.io
Mon Mar 2 23:14:57 CET 2020

+1 from me too


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Subject: [Development] Nominating Daniel Smith as approver

    Hi all,
    I’d like to nominate Daniel Smith as approver for the Qt Project.
    Daniel has been working with Qt since he joined the Qt Company as a full-time employee in the Oslo QA team two years ago.
    He’s been focusing on the QA infrastructure, which includes the test rigs for the rendering tests, and enabling auto-testing on Android. More recently, Daniel has implemented a bunch of very useful tooling, such as the un-blacklisting tool, and the cherry-pick bot that will implement our new branch policy.
    He’s a gerrit admin, and I trust that he will follow the Qt guidelines, and use the approver rights responsibly.
    Here is a list of his changes:
    Disclaimer: I’m Daniel's manager in the Qt Company.
    Best regards,
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