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Cristian Adam cristian.adam at qt.io
Tue Mar 10 15:40:41 CET 2020


With the “GitHub issues” E-Mail thread we made sure the Issues are gone
from the projects.

What about Pull requests?

For example qtbase<https://github.com/qt/qtbase/pulls> has 7 pull requests.  Usually people point out that
the Qt project uses a different collaboration method:

What stops us from accepting the contributions via GitHub?

Is it:

  1.  The CLA
  2.  Qt Account

For the CLA one can simply add an instance of:

And it’s only one click away.

When I contributed to vcpkg, the process of signing the Microsoft
CLA was like that, one click.

Regarding Qt Account, maybe one can use the GitHub account to
create a Qt Account via openid.

With GitHub actions (or Azure Pipelines, like vcpkg) we can also validate
the pull requests.

We should encourage developers to contribute to Qt, not having to learn
how to use gerrit, and using a workflow that they are familiar with, should
be a plus.


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