[Development] Arttu Tarkiainen as approver

Jani Heikkinen jani.heikkinen at qt.io
Wed Mar 11 06:27:04 CET 2020


From: Development <development-bounces at qt-project.org> on behalf of Katja Marttila <katja.marttila at qt.io>
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Subject: [Development] Arttu Tarkiainen as approver

Hi all,

I’d like to nominate Arttu Tarkiainen as approver for the Qt Project.

Arttu has been working in the installer team as a SW developer since he joined the Qt Company about one year ago. First as a trainee and currently as full-time employee. Arttu has been focusing mainly to improve and maintain Installer Framework and proven to be very skilful developer. I’ll trust that he will use the approver rights responsibly and follow the Qt guidelines.

Here is the list of his changes:

Katja Marttila
Software Engineer | Maintainer of Installer Framework
The Qt Company | Finland | Oulu

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