[Development] Cherry-picking model in testing on qt/qtquickcontrols2

Daniel Smith daniel.smith at qt.io
Fri Mar 13 17:13:06 CET 2020

Hi all,

Since the discussion at the Qt Contributors summit last year, I've been working on an implementation of what's been dubbed "cherry-pick bot", which will help to automate the new cherry-picking model.

I'm happy to say that today the bot has been officially deployed for live testing to the qt/qtquickcontrols2 repository. For most users, it's business as usual. You may continue to submit changes to qt/qtquickcontrols2 to specific branches while the bot undergoes final testing and development, and we see how this new model works when talking about real-world changes.

If you'd like to use the experimental cherry-picking automation in your qt/qtquickcontrols2 changes, the process is pretty simple:

  1.  Add a footer to your commit message in the format:
> "Pick-to: 5.xx 5.xx"
> Note that "Pick-to:" is case sensitive, and followed by a space-separated list of target branches. This footer is strict so we can enforce the usual styling conventions and be clear and consistent in documentation.
  2.  When your change passes CI and gets merged into dev, cherry-pick bot will parse your commit message and attempt to create cherry-picks to the target branches.
  3.  If there are merge conflicts, you (the owner of the original change) will be assigned the new cherry-pick, reviewers copied from the original change, and conflict markers will be added to the files in gerrit so you can resolve issues for the target branch manually.
> If there are other issues with the picks, you will be notified by comments posted by the bot on your original change.
  4.  If the new cherry-pick is conflict free, the bot will attempt to stage it to CI automatically.
> Note: At present, the bot does not take action on a failed merge attempt. Further handing of this scenario will be finalized before the official release.

As mentioned, for now, this is limited to qt/qtquickcontrols2 for testing purposes.

As usual, if you'd like to follow the continued development of the bot, see http://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTQAINFRA-3382
If you use the bot for your own changes and have questions about the function, feel free to email me directly. Your input is appreciated.
Please understand that the bot should be considered pre-beta and you may encounter issues. If you do, please submit bug reports under QTQAINFRA. Be sure to tag all reports with "cherry-pick-bot" component so that they aren't missed.

Daniel Smith
The Qt Company, Oslo
Daniel.smith at qt.io

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