[Development] Debian packaging from Git snapshots (qtsystems, qtfeedback, qtpim)

Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
Sat Mar 14 20:47:46 CET 2020

Hi Chris,

thanks for following up on my questions.

On  Fr 13 Mär 2020 01:32:24 CET, Chris Adams wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> I don't know much / anything about QtSystems,


> perhaps Lorn has more

Ok, I'll try to ping him directly via mail. Thanks for the pointer.

> information about that.
> I am currently the maintainer of QtFeedback and QtPIM, although the amount


> of time I have to spend on them is currently very limited, unfortunately.


> In regards to API and ABI stability: QtFeedback has been very stable, and
> there are no plans to make any changes there in the near future;

Ok. That is the signal for me to package QtFeedback directly from Git.  
If there'll be a release sometime in the future, I'll be happy to pick  
that up.

> but QtPIM
> has seen far more activity than QtFeedback, and we occasionally have made
> breaking changes there when necessary or desirable (the last big one I can
> think of was the QContactDetail performance improvements in 2015/2016
> timeframe).  There are some changes in the backlog which might be SIC or
> BIC also, e.g. https://codereview.qt-project.org/c/qt/qtpim/+/210812 and
> one other known work item (which I meant to start this week, but didn't get
> around to it) is that QtPIM currently doesn't build against dev/qt6, so
> some non-SIC porting work is required also.  As such, I'm not sure that
> strong BIC/SIC guarantees are possible or desirable there at this point in
> time at least.

Thanks for listing recent changes and plans of the upcoming.

Apologize my not-knowing (as a non-native speaker)... What do BIC and  
SIC stand for?

> Regarding maintainership: yes, for QtPIM at least it would be very
> beneficial if someone from UBPorts could commit significant time to QtPIM,
> as there are some open items there currently and unfortunately I don't have
> much capacity to spend on QtPIM at the moment.  Alberto Mardegan has done a
> lot of work in the QtPIM area previously, and might be a good candidate if
> his commitments allow...

I will bring this up in the next UBports dev meeting. We are currently  
running short an wo*man power, but I'll can at least let them know.

> As for release tags, I am open to such (e.g. major version bumps for binary
> breaks, minor version bumps for API additions, patch version bumps for
> other fixes / improvements) but I am not sure how that is done, in
> practice, for Qt repositories.  Is that something which an external like
> myself can do?  What is the process?  Or maybe this is something which Qt
> release management would want to handle?

It seems that at least for QtPIM, some sort of versioning scheme would  
benefit the version and API/ABI tracking in Debian. Who can be asked  
about that? I fear that is something you might have to add to your  
list. Do you think that this is feasible over the next couple of weeks?


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