[Development] Co-maintainer of QtNetwork

Mårten Nordheim marten.nordheim at qt.io
Mon Mar 30 10:09:55 CEST 2020

Hey everyone!

I was planning to send this email when the process is done, but I have no idea when that is.

Thanks for the vote(s) of confidence! I hope I won't disappoint anyone (too much :p)!


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Subject: Re: [Development] Co-maintainer of QtNetwork

>> Hi all,
>> I want to propose a colleague of mine, Mårten Nordheim, as a co-maintainer of QtNetwork module with him
>> becoming the maintainer of  „High-Level network access (HTTP)"* (which essentially means QNetworkAccessManager
>> and related classes/code, sub-module 'access' etc.)  component and me continuing as the maintainer of  "Low-level
>> access (Sockets, SSL, Hostname resolution, Bearer mgmt, etc)"**. Since the first day he joined the Qt Core
>> and Network team several years ago, Mårten is making a significant contribution to the QtNetwork module, which
>> includes numerous improvements and fixes in QNetworkAccessManager and also new developments (among other things
>> he is the author of SChannel TLS backend on Windows). He has a good, solid knowledge of QtNetwork code/components
>> and making him the maintainer "de jure" will help us (the Qt Core and Network team) to optimise and streamline the
>> future developments in QtNetwork module.
>> Best regards,
>>     Timur.
>> * and ** - these are names taken from our wiki page on the Qt maintainers.
> +1

+1 from me too.

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