[Development] Stepping down as moc maintainer.

Fawzi Mohamed Fawzi.Mohamed at qt.io
Tue May 5 10:02:26 CEST 2020

> On 5. May 2020, at 09:51, Alex Blasche <alexander.blasche at qt.io> wrote:
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>> Knoll
>> I’m happy to say that I have a great candidate who’d be willing to take over the
>> maintainership. Fabian Kosmale would be interested in taking over from Olivier.
>> He has been working on a couple of features for the moc over the last month,
>> continuing work that Olivier started.
> +1
> Indeed, Fabian is currently doing an outstanding job of bringing moc and qtddeclarative together in Qt 6.

Yep, +1

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