[Development] Qt Multimedia as Add-on in Qt 6

Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
Thu May 21 18:08:58 CEST 2020


Il 21/05/20 11:38, Val Doroshchuk ha scritto:
> The license is not changed, plans just to not ship QtMultimedia with Qt 
> essentials,
> can be installed separately. Possibly we also support only a limited set 
> of platforms.
> Qt Essentials must work on every platform, according to the definition 
> of essentials.

While of course it's up to each module maintainer to decide on its 
status (and thus, if QtMM doesn't qualify for "Essentials" any more, can 
become an "Addon"), I'm left wondering why does this imply being moved 
to the Marketplace, out of Qt itself?

* Is this part of a broader plan, aiming at streamlining the Qt offer to 
just mean Essentials, while the Addons get moved to the marketplace?

("Qt offer" is of course inaccurate, given the many offers available, 
but you get my drift...).

* If so, are all the practical issues for such addons sorted out? First 
few things that come to mind:

1) Version numbering scheme, release schedule
2) CI testing / platform coverage
3) Compatibility promise (own API/ABI stability, which Qt versions it 
works with, etc.)
4) Where to put the docs, release notes, etc.

* What about the KDE/Qt agreement? Are the list of Essential and Addon 
modules being re-evaluated there as well? QtMM is not really at liberty 
of changing license because it's an "Essential" (in the agreement).

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