[Development] Optional network capabilities in QML

Carlos Enrique Pérez Sánchez ceperez1996 at gmail.com
Sat May 23 00:22:33 CEST 2020

Hi everyone.

While the network features of QML are really useful, in many cases they are
not required. But still, as of Qt 5.14.2, providing the Qt5Network module
is required to run QML applications.
My proposal is to make the Qt Network module optional for QML applications
in Qt 6.0.0 if not already done in Qt 5.15.0.
I mean, if Qt Network is included, allow network capabilities in QML. If
not included, allow QML applications to run without such capabilities.
I used to compile Qt by myself with -no-qml-network but in Qt 5.14 it does
not work anymore and the compilations fails telling that
QNetworkAccessManager is not defined.
Then I wonder why network capabilities should be required to run QML
applications. Because not including them can save some valuables MiBs of
storage space. You might think that it should not be a problem in modern
computers, but it can be in mobile/embedded platforms. Qt Android
applications are too heavy compared with the native ones made with Android
Studio, specially for simple apps, and so reducing the size as much as
possible can make the Qt market in the play store more attractive.
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