[Development] Does anyone know why the Qt Bug Tracker has two "Unresolved" resolutions?

Jason McDonald macadder1 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 15:00:27 CET 2020

It appears that on 29 March 2016 a custom "Unresolved" resolution was added
beside the built-in default.  This might be causing some unresolved issues
to be hidden from queries.

I discovered the duplicate resolution when Jira's query auto-completer
showed me two Unresolved resolutions, one with double quotes and one
without them.  When viewing an issue, the two are indistinguishable as the
double quotes are not displayed.

The following Jira searches return disjoint lists of bugs. The first
returns ~18,000 issues, while the second returns 135 issues.

      project = QTBUG AND resolution = Unresolved ORDER BY resolutiondate
      project = QTBUG AND resolution = "\"Unresolved\"" ORDER BY
resolutiondate ASC

The custom resolution is still being set sometimes, most recently on 25
September 2020.

Is there some obscure reason behind the duplicate resolution or is it a
mistake as I suspect?

If nobody can think of a good reason for the duplicate resolution, I'm
happy to file a request for someone with Jira superpowers to (carefully)
remove it.

Dr. Jason McDonald
(macadder on FreeNode)
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