[Development] Long-lived P1 issues

Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
Tue Nov 3 09:41:19 CET 2020

Il 03/11/20 05:34, Jason McDonald ha scritto:
> Currently, there are 1175 open P1 issues in the QTBUG project.  583 of 
> those issues had that priority set more than one year ago, 342 of those 
> had their priority set more than two years ago, and 175 of those more 
> than three years ago.
> If an issue is not important enough to get attention within a year, is 
> it really P1?

The priorities used to be related to the _technical_ importance of a 
task: f.i. a regression or a crash is a P1.

That, unfortunately, has nothing to do with the political will of

1) actually working on fixes for P1 before P2/P3/new features/whatever

2) actually blocking a release if P1s are not solved (and if they 
aren't, comment on them as of why they're missing a release)

... resulting in users complaining about "high priority bugs get ignored".

So, sure, there may be issues that are wrongly classified as P1, but 
saying "it's not a P1 because it's not been fixed for a while" doesn't 
match what P1 used to mean.

If you want to change priorities so that they become a "this issue 
should get urgent attention, this other not so much", then it becomes a 
completely arbitrary decision; you could just drop the field entirely as 
far as I'm concerned.

My 2 c,
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