[Development] Qt 6 API (change) review

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Mon Sep 7 12:10:38 CEST 2020

Alex Blasche (7 September 2020 09:58)
> I suggest we exclude reviews for the modules which are not part of Qt
> 6. It greatly reduces the effort. When a module comes back
> (e.g. during 6.2) then we have to run a complete 5.15..6.2 review
> anyway.

Sounds fair enough.  At first sight.
Now I just need to know which modules those are.
I dimly remember a wiki page about Qt6-readiness.

In the course of searching for that, I stumbled on
Given that FF has passed, please add your features here.
It is currently blank.

After a little rummaging I find:

It is in a category, but that category is all on its own, with just this
one page in it, unconnected to the rest of our category hierarchy.
Which means this page cannot be found by chasing the categories I
normally search in.  Please, when adding things to categories, think
about whether that category can be found: if it can't, then it's no use
at all for those who want to find the page.  The habit of starting each
category name with a prefix and double-colon *does not* automagically
cause it to be made a sub-category of the thing before the last
double-colon in its name: there is *no* magic structure to wiki
categories, only the structure you actually create.
I have connected this category to the existing hierarchy.

However, this page uses "module" in the sense of libraries, not git
modules, so it doesn't actually tell me which *git* modules to skip.
Furthermore, it includes Qt OPCUA, whic isn't in qt5/.gitmodules, so
doesn't match the content of Qt6.

So no, I can't find the information necessary to exclude modules based
on whether they're to be included in Qt 6.  Where is it ?


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