[Development] How to debug segfaulting test in Coin

Toni Saario toni.saario at qt.io
Tue Sep 22 09:00:03 CEST 2020

The CORE_FILES_PATH environment variable describes a path to a directory which will contain the core files in case of a segfault. These are then uploaded to Coin storage at the end of the job. As far as enabling that goes via coin scheduler, setting the CORE_FILES_PATH is possible via the customize feature in the scheduler by setting the environment variable, rest is done always/automatically. No printing will happen in the log from the core files. From technical view point it only specifies additional folder to upload at end of the job.

I am unsure about how much this has been ever used and I would think the easier way would be to acquire a Coin VM for debugging and with that reproduce the failure is available. This could also use input from developers with actual experience of debugging these cases.

Toni Saario
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What is the usual procedure of debuggin test segfaults?

As far as I can see now all configurations print
"Skip uploading core files because CORE_FILES_PATH is not set in the environment"
so it's not possible to get any further then fact that test finished with segmentation fault.

Is there any way to enable core files in custom build configuration? If yes, will Coin
automatically load core and print backtrace to log or some other actions are needed?


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