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Andy Nichols Andy.Nichols at qt.io
Wed Jan 13 12:16:08 CET 2021

So let's have the discussion then. Qt is already ridiculously hard to build and contribute to for new-commers not already well acquainted with the arcane knowledge without additional silliness like this.  Qt 6 has been released, so it's a bit ridiculous at this point to still point contributors at the qt5.git super module to contribute to Qt 6.

qt = qt4
qt5 = qt5 and qt6 (depends on branch).

We could come up with a solution that avoids this.  Why not just have a new supermodule specifically for Qt6 or for even lower effort have an alias repo called qt6.  It's such a small thing in practice, but it causes unnecessary confusion for those not already in-the-know.

Andy Nichols

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> Nibedit Dey Is there any plan to move the qt6 source code to a 
> different repo (qt6)?
> Currently, the branch lies inside the qt5 repo.
> Is there going to be a Qt6 super module in near future?

Thiago's reply from the interest mailing list still stands. There has not been any discussion or plan being made.

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