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On Thu, 14 Jan 2021 at 08:21, Nibedit Dey <nibedit.dev at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thank you everyone for the suggestions.
> I posted in the development group as there was less participation on the
> topic in the interest group.
> Below are my suggestions:
>    - Create a clean qt6 supermodule for better maintainability. It's
>    still not too late.
>    - If the qt5 supermodule is renamed, then it will still have many qt5
>    branches. This may create confusion while looking for specific branches.
>    - The use of a script is a good idea, but it needs to be mentioned in
>    the README document. Else new Qt developer or contributors may face
>    difficulties while building from source.
Actually, I agree with Thiago and think that scripts to handle the branches
is a bad idea and that the current perl script should be gone.
All is required for new Qt developers is:
1. A good branch naming scheme (this we have)
2. Rely on standard git submodule mechanisms
3. A clear documentation of the branch naming scheme and branching

Adding a script only adds a black box and makes things confused. What is
the script doing? Is it doing special stuff ? Can I use a git submodule
command or will it break the magic the script did and I will have to
rebuild everything?
If the goal is to ease the entry of new developers, the use of industry
standard tools is to be favored against the use of helper scripts.

Also I can see the point of renaming the 'qt5' repo to 'qt' since it
contains Qt 6 and Qt 5, but I cannot see the point of splitting the repo in
2 ('qt5' and 'qt6').

My 2 cents

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