[Development] Qt6 repo

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Tue Jan 19 14:24:21 CET 2021

Nibedit Dey (14 January 2021 22:18) wrote:
>>> We will wait for the Qt maintainers to take a call on this topic and
>>> let us know the decision.

On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 3:17 PM Edward Welbourne <edward.welbourne at qt.io> wrote:
>> Well, this mailing list *is* where and how the Qt maintainers make such
>> decisions, so let's have a concrete proposal (not new, just spelled out
>> here for the sake of concreteness):
>> * Rename the old qt.git to qt4.git
>> * Change anything that previously referenced qt.git to point to qt4.git
>> * Rename qt5.git to qt.git
>> * Retain a qt5.git symlink to qt.git on our public servers, so that
>>    those with checkouts using any of them as a remote (notably everyone's
>>    gerrit remote set up by init-repository) don't suffer disruption
>> * Change all instructions for how to work on Qt development to talk
>>    about the qt.git repo
>> The 5.* branches in qt.git will then obviously be the Qt 5 branches; the
>> 6.* branches will equally obviously be the Qt 6 branches.  That dev is a
>> future Qt 6 version shall be a reasonable guess, although eventually dev
>> shall be the branch for Qt 7 development after we've released the last
>> Qt 6 minor; but that won't make much difference to a contributor, in any
>> case.  Once 7.* branches show up it'll be natural to suppose dev relates
>> to them, in the same way.
>> Then we have a simple qt.git as the super-repo for Qt, in all versions
>> after Qt 4, alongside the repositories for all the sub-modules that get
>> checked out under it, at least by the release team, notwithstanding that
>> some developers may be doing other things that better suit their own
>> workflows.
>> At some point in the distant future, we'll be able to delete the qt5.git
>> symlink, but we have no reason to to rush.
>> If we are feeling really paranoid, we can split the first two steps up
>> into
>> * Move qt.git to qt4.git, put in place a qt.git symlink pointing to it,
>> * Change all public mentions of qt.git to qt4.git
>> * Wait a month, remove symlink, wait a month

Robert Löhning (15 January 2021 21:00)
> I guess a week on each side will be sufficient, but please reserve some
> time.

OK, QTQAINFRA-4200 filed.


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