[Development] Nominating Ivan Solovev as approver

Assam Boudjelthia assam.boudjelthia at qt.io
Tue Jun 15 17:00:43 CEST 2021

Ivan's reviews are very helpful.


Assam Boudjelthia
Senior Software Engineer

The Qt Company
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I'd like to nominate Ivan Solovev as an approver for the Qt Project.

Ivan has been working on various parts of the Qt6 port and has regularly contributed to QtBase  modules, QtPositioning, QtNfc & other modules. Personally, I am particularly thankful for his help in furthering the Qt Bindings support in QtPositioning and his review of countless other patches in the same domain.

He has authored the following patches:
and reviewed the following:

Since  both our office rooms share one wall I am also thankful for many technical discussions who broke the enforced solitude of the corona days :)


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