[Development] Qt quick compiler impact on qmlbench.

Ulf Hermann ulf.hermann at qt.io
Thu Mar 4 08:19:36 CET 2021

Hi Valery,

> 1. I tried to add
> CONFIG += qtquickcompiler option to src/src.pro (qmlbench app) file
> After that all QML & JS files which enumerated in qmlbench.qrc file was 
> compiled to CPP code as expected.

That doesn't really help all that much. The interesting code is in the 
"free" QML files that aren't part of qmlbench.qrc.

> 2. I checked: qmlbench application with benchmarks/manual/v8bench but 
> result the same as for qmlbench without qtquickcompiler option.

As expected. Not only because most of the files aren't compiled, but 
indeed also because for most of the benchmarks the initial loading and 
compiling is not the bottleneck.

I'm currently working on transforming all of qmlbench into well-behaved 
QML modules so that the QML code becomes visible to tooling. As a side 
effect you will be able to use qmlcachegen on all of qmlbench when it's 

best regards,

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