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Tor Arne Vestbø Tor.arne.Vestbo at qt.io
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On 1 Mar 2021, at 17:22, Edward Welbourne <edward.welbourne at qt.io<mailto:edward.welbourne at qt.io>> wrote:

If a staging branch passes, all the changes contained in that branch
will be merged into the target branch (can be a fast-forward merge).

you mean actual git merges, rather than rebases/cherry-picks? that will
lead to a completely insane history in busy repositories.

I'm a bit curious about that one myself; but it can perfectly well be
implemented as a rebase, after all.

This seems to indeed be the case:


The merge commits are also wrongly attributed to the author of the last commit (HEAD) in the integration branch, and the subject of the merge commit reflects only that commit, not the set of (likely unrelated) commits in the integration.

A lot (most) of the merge commits are empty, so I assume they could then just be cherry-picks instead.

We we please improve this by:

 1. Attempt to cherry-pick the commits in the tested branch into dev, before falling back to a merge commit (if needed)
 2. If we need to merge:
   - Reflecting the CI as the author of the merge commit
   - Reflecting the set of commits in the merge commit message, e.g. based on git shortlog
   - Using a commit message subject that explains what’s going on, eg.


Merge integration #1615461139


Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt (3):
      Skip tst_QOpenGL::glxContext test on Wayland
      Fix tst_QDialog::keepPositionOnClose on Wayland
      Make tst_shortcut pass on Wayland

Mårten Nordheim (1):
      QEventDispatcher(Win): Always honor interrupted status to avoid races

Zhang Yong (1):
      The conditional statement is missing parentheses


Tor Arne

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