[Development] Changes to Freenode's IRC

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Wed May 26 11:23:11 CEST 2021


On Wed, May 19, 2021 at 04:17:49PM +0200, Giuseppe D'Angelo via Development wrote:
> While Freenode won't shut down tomorrow morning, this still raises some
> questions whether Qt wants to keep its community there or move to another
> network.

Well, turns out it did shut down some channels essentially overnight,
including #qtwebengine and my project's channel (#qutebrowser):

    05:03 -> freenodecom (~com at freenode/staff) has joined #qtwebengine
    05:03 -- freenodecom has changed topic for #qtwebengine from
    "QtWebEngine | https://wiki.qt.io/QtWebEngine |
    qtwebengine at qt-project.org - Channel now recreated on
    irc.libera.chat" to "This channel has moved to ##qtwebengine. The
    topic is in violation of freenode policy:
    05:03 <@freenodecom> This channel has been reopened with respect to
    the communities and new users. The topic is in violation of freenode
    policy: https://freenode.net/policies
    05:03 <@freenodecom> The new channel is ##qtwebengine
    05:03 <- freenodecom (~com at freenode/staff) has left #qtwebengine

They now claim this has "accidentally" targetted more channels than they
intended, but this kind of power abuse (mixed with incompetence) is not
tolerable either way, in my eyes.

Here's my take on it, FWIW:


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