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Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Fri May 28 09:15:44 CEST 2021

Hi Lars,

On 26/05/21 15:09, Lars Knoll wrote:
> The hope is that we can change that for Qt 6. To make this possible, we have changed not only parts of the public API, but completely redone its internal architecture, especially how multimedia connects to the platform specific backends. Apart from cleaning up the backend API and greatly simplifying it, I also chose to make it private and remove the plugin architecture around it. The backend is now selected at compile time, and we’re now only supporting one backend per platform.

can you please clarify what this would mean for projects (like Ubuntu
Touch) which are using their own QtMultimedia plugins?
Supporting one plugin per platform seems reasonable, but making the
plugin API private and selecting the plugin at compile time probably
means that all multimedia backends must be made part of QtMultimedia git
repository, right?

Or is it so that the backend is selected at compile time, but it can
still be dynamically loaded from a separate plugin binary?

This has the potential to make things harder to develop, especially for
smaller projects like ours. I'm especially thinking of:

1) The QtProject might even flatly refuse to include a backend which is
only used in a minor platform
2) It will be hard (if not impossible) to run CI on it, we'll only be
able to test the Qt builds in our own CI, but that might be too late (I
mean, it's not really CI anymore)
3) Licensing issues (well, this is not a problem for our specific case,
I think)


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