[Development] Moving IRC from Freenode to Libera.Chat, voting thread

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On 28/05/2021 00:06, Giuseppe D'Angelo via Development wrote:
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>> 23.59 CEST of Thursday 27 May 2021.
> We have unanimous consent.

== Update ==

This is now in effect. We have control over the #qt-* channels on 
Libera. Our official presence is there now.

Most of the channels in the #qt-* namespace have been re-registered, 
incl. #qtwebkit, #qtwebengine, #qbs. Please contact me (in private 
email) if you want to manage some of those.

The online communities wiki page has been updated.

== What does this mean for me ==

Simply make your IRC client to irc.libera.chat/6697 (TLS), join the same 
channels. If you prefer Matrix, a bridge has been set up.

The first time you connect, consider re-registering your nick, and 
configure your client to authenticate there. That's it.

== Next steps ==

1) I'd like some volunteers as backup community contacts, so I'm not the 
SPOF of the whole operation. Please write to me (in private email) if 
you're interested.

2) We'll (slowly) rebuild the ACLs. Approvers and other channel 
"owners", if you wish, please write to me (in private email!) telling me 
your nick registration on Libera, so I can give you powers on #qt-labs. 
Similarly please tell me if you want a hostname cloak.

3) I'm not changing topics nor auto-join messages in the Freenode 
channels, for a few more days at least, to give people an opportunity 
to move quietly. It seems that the sole mention of Libera.Chat is 
sufficient for the Freenode staff to forcibly take the channels over, 
and I would like to avoid "drama" if possible. Still, this is an active 
threat, so the sooner people move, the better.

https://i.imgur.com/laFn6MM.png (#qt-fr being seized)


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