[Development] Feature freeze exception for QTBUG-95587

Ulf Hermann ulf.hermann at qt.io
Mon Sep 13 14:04:44 CEST 2021

> To me, the fact that this raises discussion on if this syntax should 
> have other applications perhaps already justifies a "no" to your actual 
> question: should this be allowed in a bugfix release.
> I would think not just a small library tool but an actual language 
> change warrants a bit more consideration and should not be introduced in 
> a what is supposed to be a bugfix release. This is more than just a 
> bugfix, it's a significant feature. Adding those without giving them 
> proper consideration seems to be an excellent way to grow ugly warts on 
> the language that will be very hard to plaster over later on.

I've already dropped the "Pick-to: 6.2". There was no overwhelming 
interest in having this feature as soon as possible. So, we've lived 
with the problem in 6.0 and 6.1. We can live with it in 6.2. The 
discussion on whether we should claim the "@" symbol for this feature is 
still important, no matter when we introduce it.


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