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Иван Комиссаров abbapoh at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 23:27:53 CEST 2021

OK, it will be fair to list the problems/inconveniences we have right now (or, in other way, the advantages of GitHib)

- It is hard for the newcomers to get familiar with gerrit - some people submitted raw patches in JIRA claiming they don’t have time to learn Gerrit while knowing the pull-request model. Gerrit is a great tool, but has high learning curve.
- We use GithubActions to test Qbs - in order to do that, we use bot written by Richard which pick changes from gerrit and uploads them to Richard’s GitHub. The bot doesn’t use Gerrit api (it looks on the e-mails) and can miss some events. It will definitely help if we can use Gerrit API somehow. What is required to use it? Do we need additional access? Do we need to install the bot on the Gerrit server?
- The only one capable of uploading binaries to the website is Christian. We cannot do that automatically via GitHub actions release pipeline as we don’t have credentials for uploading. The alternatives is to upload binaries using the GitHub mirror (not sure if this is possible) or configure the web server (https://download.qt.io/official_releases/qbs/ <https://download.qt.io/official_releases/qbs/>) in a way that Qbs organisation will have access to this specific folder.
- As Denis mentioned, having a VM running on a QtC's server might be more stable than VM running on Denis PC=)
- maybe something else

The migration to GiHub magically solves these issues and I don’t know how much work is needed to solve them in the current setup - I assumed it will be harder.
But if QtC is willing to help, we can go this way - there’s no rush to solve these issues (can wait till Qt6 release), it’s just minor inconveniences we experience, especially during releases.


> 15 сент. 2021 г., в 13:32, Lars Knoll <lars.knoll at qt.io> написал(а):
> Hi Ivan,
> I also would very much like you to stay here. QBS is great project and something that came out of the Qt work and still has very strong ties to it.
> I am fully with Tuukka that what we want is to make it a good experience and easy for people to work here in the project. Blocking other peoples work is certainly not in line with this. 
> The governance model has the ’no confidence’ clause for a reason and if you have tried other means before, I can and will of course arrange such a vote.
> Cheers,
> Lars

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