[Development] Qbs development

Volker Hilsheimer volker.hilsheimer at qt.io
Fri Sep 17 11:03:39 CEST 2021

> On 17 Sep 2021, at 10:51, Edward Welbourne <edward.welbourne at qt.io> wrote:
> Chris Adams (17 September 2021 03:45) wrote:
>> My point being: maybe the "maintainers can override a -2" is a
>> "conceptual power" rather than a physical button in Gerrit, which
>> still requires the approver to take away their own -2 in that
>> circumstance?  (Obviously Gerrit admins can do it, but not every
>> maintainer is a Gerrit admin.)
> The Maintainer has the authority to ask the admins to remove it.
> Indeed, a button - available only to the Maintainer(s) of the module -
> would be a nice improvement to the process but, for the present at
> least, that "button" is implemented by e-mail to the Gerrit admins.

I don’t think this process should be made easy.

The approver that gave the -2 not yielding to the maintainer giving a +2 should be (and is, in my experience) such an exceptional situation that it deserves explicitly notifying the chief maintainer and gerrit admins. And perhaps it even requires this kind of conversation to be had on the mailing list, because the problem really is not that there is no button.


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