[Development] Proposal: Adding dependency injection to Qt

Hamed Masafi hamed.masafi at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 10:32:13 CEST 2022


I guess you all know what a dependence is, so I skip ahead. But there's a
lot of significance in programming these days.
Because of the QML, programs have become two parts now, and we no longer
have a complete control of the tree - structure of objects. That's why we
need to get an injection mechanism in Qt.
I already wrote a simple and easy to use library to use on business
projects where I worked. I'd like to propose this library to add in Qt.

  - Designed and written entirely for Qt.
  - Some of the APIs were inspired from .NET dependency injection.
  - It's simple.
  - It's tested.

  The source is in this github repo:

  - No changes will be made to the Qt structure and only a few files will
be added. So the ABI structure will be kept.
  - If the first agreement comes to that, I can start the process of being
added to Qt.

Let me know your opinion on that.

Hamed Masafi
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