[Development] Menu Problem on OS/2

Paul Smedley paul at smedley.id.au
Tue Dec 6 08:18:16 CET 2022


I've recently updated the OS/2 port of Qt 5.15 
(https://github.com/bitwiseworks/qt5-os2) to Qt 6.2.4 

There is a thread at os2world 
there the status of the port, and of some ported apps is being discussed.

I'm working through issues that have come up, but one that is puzzling 
me, is that menu items are appears offset to where they should be - too 
high and to the left.... Any thoughts on where this might be controlled?

Hopefully the screen shot at https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZxywgPxMRWtduwJ28 
helps explain it better than the text above :)

Thoughts appreciated!



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