[Development] Using QtCreator for Qt development

Владимир Белявский belyavskyv at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 13:57:34 CET 2022

Hello there,
I suspect that my Qt development process is far away from optimal...

I have a top-level developer shadow build and my process looks like:
1. Open source files that need to be changed in QtCreator
2. Make changes
3. Go to the console and run cmake build
4. Go back to IDE and fix the code if build failed
5. Repeat p3 and p4 multiple times
6. Go to the console and run ctest
7. Open failed tests in IDE, investigate the problem, fix code
8. Repeat p1-p7 multiple times
42. Go to console, commit and push to gerrit.

So the question - is it possible somehow to open my configured Qt as a
normal project in Qt Creator, view all the modules there as separate
projects, build them individually or all together right from IDE, also view
all unit tests there, debug, fix, build and run selected directly and so on?

What does your development process look like?
Thanks for any advice.
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