[Development] Qt 6.5 Is Irrelevant for More than 95% of Mac Desktops

Vladimir Belyavsky belyavskyv at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 10:51:45 CET 2022

For my company, dropping support for macOS 10.15 in Qt 6.5 is also
as we'll have to stick with Qt 6.4 or consider dropping support and updates
for about 15% of our users.

Here are our internal statistics on the current macOS distribution to real
average users,
based on a really large number of customers:
- macOS 10.14.6 ~ 5% (fortunately Qt 6.3.2  it's still functional there)
- macOS 10.15.7 ~ 10%

As a developer, I understand the reason for stopping legacy OS support,
but it will not be easy for me to explain to the management why we once
should stop supporting quite a large number of our users. (they are still
angry after dropping Win7)
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