[Development] Nominating Luca Di Sera as approver

Paul Wicking Paul.Wicking at qt.io
Tue Feb 1 07:04:13 CET 2022


I'd like to nominate Luca Di Sera as approver in the Qt Project.

Luca joined The Qt Company as a Software Engineer six months ago. His contributions [0] and reviews [1] are steady and of high quality. Some of his contributions are in TQtC internal repositories. I particularly appreciate Luca's style of communication in reviews, carefully crafted commit messages, and his passion for solid and maintainable software architecture. I've come to know him as an engineer that quickly found ways to apply himself within the team, who is not afraid to share his views, and that contributes to moving discussions toward sensible outcomes.

I am convinced Luca will treat the status as Approver with the utmost respect in the years to come.

Disclaimer: I am Luca's line manager in TQtC and as such have a close working relationship with him.

//! Paul

[0] - https://codereview.qt-project.org/q/owner:luca.disera%2540qt.io
[1] - https://codereview.qt-project.org/q/reviewer:luca.disera%2540qt.io

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