[Development] XCB platform plugin maintainer change

Gatis Paeglis Gatis.Paeglis at qt.io
Tue Feb 1 10:50:07 CET 2022

Hi all,

I would like to propose a change in Qt's Linux/XCB maintainership.
Since 2019, I have moved full time to the Qt for MCUs project and
there is no time left for XCB work.

/qtbase/src/plugins/platforms/xcb$ git shortlog --since=2021 --no-merges -s -n .

    11  Liang Qi
     6  Tor Arne Vestbø
     3  Gatis Paeglis

I would like to propose Liang Qi as the new maintainer. He has been
with the company for more than a decade.

Gatis Paeglis.
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