[Development] QMetaType and non-const references

Fabian Kosmale fabian.kosmale at qt.io
Tue Jul 19 21:34:51 CEST 2022


besides treating T& and T (which I think is fine for 6.4), anything else should probably only be done in 6.5.
I don't currently see much interdependence in the changes you proposed, however we should carefully
check that DBus, Qt Remote Objects and QML don't get accidentally broken.

Regarding the string example:

you need something to actually register the string metatype (e.g. calling id or qRegisterMetaTypeId)
#include <string>
#include <QDebug>
#include <QMetaType>

Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(std::string) // without this line, the example will still not work

int main() {
   qDebug() << QMetaType::fromType<std::string>().name();
   qDebug() << QMetaType::fromName("std::string");
   qDebug() << QMetaType::fromName("std::string");

Only when you register the metatype will it actually be registered under the name
"std::string" which is necessary for the name to metatype lookup. If you end up with a
std::string parameter in a meta-method of a meta-object, there's a good chance that
the registration will happen via QMetaObject::RegisterMethodArgumentMetaType
when it would be needed (assuming that std::string was complete when moc run on
the file containing it).


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Betreff: Re: [Development] QMetaType and non-const references

> On 19 Jul 2022, at 18:08, Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira at intel.com> wrote:
>> Lastly, an aside: Q_DECLARE_METATYPE being effectively unnecessary was the
>> goal for Qt 6, but is not the case yet. I consider that a bug that should
>> finally be fixed in 6.5.
> Right. There should be exactly one use for Q_DECLARE_METATYPE: when the name
> you want to register is not the name that the C++ language recognises for your
> type, and this should only be done for legacy reasons.
>       typedef QMap<int, int> IntMap;
> And you may have the string "IntMap" somewhere in your meta objects.


    qDe0bug() << QMetaType::fromType<std::string>().name();
    qDebug() << QMetaType::fromName("std::string");

prints, with Apple clang:


but with msvc 22:


and then "std::string" in your meta object won’t work either, I suppose?

But interestingly, neither does




I get


with clang and


with msvc 22. What does that mean if e.g. "std::string" is present in a meta object?

> Any opinion on what must happen together or not at all?

I agree with Fabian, it seems uncontroversial to treat T& and T as different types in the QMetaType system. Code that relies on them being the same needs to be fixed anyway. Doing that doesn’t seem to prevent anything else discussed.


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