[Development] Chief Maintainer election

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at carewolf.com
Thu Jun 2 15:00:08 CEST 2022

Hello everybody

My background with Qt goes back around 20 years.

I was first a contributor to KDE, doing small things from 2000 to 2003,  until 
in 2004 where I wrote aKode, a multithreaded audio decoding backend for aRts 
for the purpose of eliminating crackles and skipped audio with that audio 
daemon. I also helped work on what would eventually become phonon.

Around 2005 I started contributing to KHTML, which I eventually became a co-
maintainer of. I helped push for Apple to open source WebKit, and contributed 
a bit to the initial port of QtWebKit.

At the same time I as the RnD CTO of a small Danish startup trying to make it 
as a mobile phone carrier (MVNO) and an IVR tool provider.

I joined Nokia in 2011 to work on QtWebKit, finally getting my former hobby as 
my paying job :) By the time we switched from QtWebKit to QtWebEngine I became 
the maintainer, and later the team lead. 

I also contribute to QtBase, especially to the paintengine in QtGui, but also 
general low level architectural stuff, and new C++ features. Over the years I 
have contributed less to KDE, but I am still active and provide patches for 
new Qt versions, bugs that bug me, and fix browser engine issues. I also have 
contributions many other places including gcc and clang, and naturally WebKit 
and Chromium.

A chief maintainer in my opinion should be somebody communicating the visions 
and directions of the Qt Project, preferably independently of the goals of the 
Qt Company.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, I look forward to continuing to 
work together with all of you, and keep improving Qt.

Best regards
Allan Sandfeld Jensen 

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