[Development] requesting repository for qmake2cmake tool

Jörg Bornemann joerg.bornemann at qt.io
Mon Mar 7 13:43:45 CET 2022


We're working on making the pro2cmake.py conversion tool usable for user 
projects (QTBUG-96799).  To avoid having to tell users to clone qtbase 
to use the tool, we want to put it into its own repository.

Therefore, I'd like to request a new repository:

Name: qmake2cmake
Description: QMake to CMake conversion tool
Responsible person: me, joined maintainership by the build system team
Content: "git-filter-repo --subdirectory-filter util/cmake" of qtbase as 

I propose to place qmake2cmake under the qt namespace, because the 
conversion tool already proved its maturity by converting the existing 
Qt modules.

Jörg Bornemann | The Qt Company

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