[Development] QKeySequenceEdit questions

Laszlo Papp lpapp at kde.org
Mon May 16 19:44:48 CEST 2022

I’ll have to look a bit more, but looking at the code I see that
>> QKeySequenceEdit accepts both the ShortcutOverride and the Shortcut event,
>> so it should take precedence over any application-defined shortcut.
>> If/since that doesn’t work,
>> But since you write cmd+q (and considering your recent patches) I think
>> that perhaps you are on macOS, and it might be that our macOS shortcut code
>> doesn't respect the focus widget’s override for application level shortcuts.
>> Bottom line anyway: this should already work, so if it doesn’t, I’d
>> consider that a bug.
> Yes, it seems to work on Windows and Mac. I have not noticed until you
> mentioned it. Thanks for pointing that out.
> 1. Is there an easy workaround until this gets fixed in Qt?
> 2. Where would I need to look if I wanted to help you out by sending a
> patch for Qt so that future versions will work on Mac?

Just to be clear on this, even a simple main.cpp reproduces this issue:

#include <QApplication>
#include <QKeySequenceEdit>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    QApplication app(argc, argv);
    QKeySequenceEdit keySequenceEdit;
    return app.exec();

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