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On 18-05-2022 10:53, Samuel Gaist via Development wrote:
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As I understand it [1], this needs a formal vote. However, the QUIP does 
not specify a full procedure. I would suggest:

1) a time for people to nominate themselves or get nominated by others 
(ofc. needing the nominee to accept the nomination)

2) a formal voting procedure. We have recently used one, so guess the 
same setup that was used to strip Oswald Buddenhagen of his maintainer 
position. The system used there seems like a useful base, however, that 
was a binary vote, while here we have a vote to choose from potentially 
several candidates. I don't see the QUIP explaining how that is to be 
done. If there are more than two candidates, I suggest to use a ranked 
preference system:

Every voter orders the candidates in the order of their preference, 
noting down however many candidates as they like.

After all votes have been cast, the votes are divided over the 
candidates based on their first preference. If there is a candidate with 
at least 50% of the votes, that candidate wins. If not, the candidate or 
candidates with the fewest number of votes are taken off the ballot, 
re-distributing their votes according to the next preference for a 
candidate still on the ballot. The process repeats until a candidate 
reaches the required 50%.

If there are only two candidates left, and no candidate has reached 50% 
of the votes, the candidate with the most votes wins.



>> On 18 May 2022, at 10:28, Lars Knoll <lars.knoll at qt.io> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> As I’ve said in my other email, I am resigning from my position at The Qt Company to join a small startup in Norway that is working with things unrelated to Qt.
>> As such, I won’t have too much time to spend with Qt in the future anymore, and will resign from my position as the Chief Maintainer because of that.
>> Qt obviously needs a new Chief Maintainer to take over from me. I’ve had a couple of discussions with various people over the last few weeks, and I believe I’ve found a great candidate for the job.
>> I’d like to nominate Volker Hilsheimer as the next Chief Maintainer of Qt.
>> I believe that the Chief Maintainer should be someone who works full time with Qt. He should know the technology, and needs to have the trust of the other Maintainers. He needs to understand Qt as an Open Source project and have the passion to bring the project forward. I also believe that ideally the person should work for and be well connected within The Qt Company. Volker has all of those aspects, and I couldn’t think of a better person to take care of the Open Governance of Qt going forward.
>> Cheers,
>> Lars
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