[Development] HEADS-UP: Qt 6.5 Platform and Module Freeze is almost there...

Jani Heikkinen jani.heikkinen at qt.io
Tue Nov 15 12:55:23 CET 2022

Hi all,

Kindly reminder:

- Qt 6.5 platform and module freeze will be in effect Fri 25th November 2022. So only a bit more than a week left.
   * All new modules needs to be in CI and qt5.git (if needed) at that point. Otherwise those will be postponed to Qt 6.6 (or with granted exception those can be taken in later to Qt 6.5)
   * No provisioning changes between 'platform and module freeze' & beta1 release. 

- Qt 6.5 Feature Freeze will be in effect Fri 9th December


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> From: Jani Heikkinen
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> Subject: HEADS-UP: Qt 6.5 Feature Freeze is getting closer
> Hi all,
> Just a kindly reminder: Qt 6.5 Feature freeze will be in effect 9.12.2022 and
> Qt 6.5 platform and module freeze 25th November 2022, see
> https://wiki.qt.io/Qt_6.5_Release
> Please inform me about all new modules planned to be released in Qt 6.5;
> we should start adding those in CI & packages asap.
> br,
> Jani

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