[Development] Nominating Mårten Nordheim and Timur Pocheptsov as new co-maintainers of Qt WebSocket

Volker Hilsheimer volker.hilsheimer at qt.io
Tue Nov 29 14:55:07 CET 2022


Kurt Pattyn is currently listed as the Maintainer fo Qt WebSocket. However, he has not responded to emails I sent him over the last few months. In the middle of October I informed him that I will remove him as maintainer and nominate someone else unless I get a response. I cc’ed Mårten Nordheim in that email. Since I have not received any answer to that email either, I am now going to remove Kurt from the list of maintainers.

And I’d like to nominate Mårten Nordheim and Timur Pocheptsov as co-maintainers. I’ve confirmed with them, and they would be ok with extending their existing co-maintainership of Qt Network to that module as well.


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