[Development] Could support for C be added to Qt?

samuel ammonius sfammonius at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 03:48:58 CEST 2022

> To me trying to wrap the API is just a way to do things more complicated,
> the sake of making it more complicated.

The programs I was thinking would benefit from something like this in
are the ones that have been built on top of C and GTK, and would maybe like
switch now that GTK seems to be hell-bent on forcing GNOME's design on
all of
its apps and users. Many of these programs are built on top of years of C
so I don't think it would be easy for the developers of those programs to
from C to C++ even if they wanted to.

> It can often be a work of difficult diplomacy to get a project to add
> support between c/c++ . Having already done the work can open more
> avenues and get more people interested.

I've been able to make some external bindings for common widgets using
inline functions. It's uploaded here on github
<https://github.com/sammonius/qtc>. I hadn't known how large
Qt was when I started that project, so I was going to try starting from
scratch by making a script that generates bindings from Qt's header files,
but I wanted to see if having it built-into Qt was an option first.
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