[Development] Could support for C be added to Qt?

samuel ammonius sfammonius at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 18:50:13 CEST 2022

I hadn't really thought of a plan for that, but one way it could be done is
to create a program that reads the C++ headers and generates their C
counterparts in a separate file, and then edit the C++ header to say
something like:

#ifndef __cplusplus
#include "qpushbutton_c.h"
class QPushButton {}

I'm not sure weather it would be best for the program's output to be
included in the git repositories, or for the program to be just ran by
cmake while Qt is being compiled. I definitely can't go over all of Qt
to add the C bindings myself, but I'd be happy to create and maintain
something like this if it would work.
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