[Development] Buddy group to help new contributors

Volker Hilsheimer volker.hilsheimer at qt.io
Tue Dec 5 09:57:59 CET 2023

At the Qt Contributors Summit in Berlin last week, we discussed various ideas around improving the contribution experience, esp for new people.

One action that came out of that was setting up a gerrit group of people that are able and willing to hand-hold new contributors through the process. This includes setting up your local development environment, gerrit configuration and workflow, and finding out what to work on from e.g. Jira. The basic idea is that we establish a (gerrit, probably) group with buddies; we can already identify “first gerrit reviews" for a new user, and then we can proactively reach out with a welcome message, and add the group of buddies as a reviewer.

A few people raised their hand at the event, but I don’t think anyone took down the names, and I was busy juggling microphones. And either way, this is of course open to anyone! So please reply to this, either to all or privately to me, if you want to be part of that group.


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