[Development] Check your cherry-picks to 6.5 branches

Volker Hilsheimer volker.hilsheimer at qt.io
Fri Feb 3 12:01:20 CET 2023


A few days ago we had a lot of cherry-picks into 6.5 branches that hadn't merged, for various reasons. Thanks to some copious stage-button-mashing during the last days, that list is now rather short. Nevertheless, please have a look at the unmerged cherry-picks anyway:


What’s pending might need a rebase, or a conflict resolution. And since some of those changes might be triggered by findings during header-review, let’s try to get that list down to zero, and to keep it there (either by merging, or by abandoning changes that are not worth the backporting work). Any change that got successfully cherry-picked into 6.4 already must be cherry-picked into 6.5, lest we end up with a regression in the 6.5 branch compared to both 6.4 and dev (i.e 6.6).


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