[Development] Requesting a repository for Qt Graphs

Tomi Korpipää tomi.korpipaa at qt.io
Mon Feb 13 07:15:26 CET 2023

qtdatavis3d is not broken in any other way than being dependent of OpenGL backend and having a proprietary rendering engine in it.

There were discussions about doing this already when Qt 6 was planned, but back then there were no resources to make it happen in time. What was done instead was a quick fix to make the renderer work on Qt 6, but it remained closely tied to OpenGL.

QtGraphs uses QtQuick3D as the rendering engine, thus removing the need to maintain yet another 3D renderer in Qt. QtQuick3D allows using whatever graphics backend is best for the target device.

The plan is to have QtGraphs as a technology preview in Qt 6.6, maturing it for Qt 6.7.


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On Friday, 10 February 2023 02:16:45 PST Tomi Korpipää via Development wrote:
> This module will be a Qt 6.6 replacement for QtDataVisualization, which will
> eventually be moved to Qt5Compat.

There has been no discussion on qtdatavis3d being so broken it needs
replacement. Can we get an overview of what the issues with it are, why they
can't be fixed, and how this new module proposes to fix that?

And just how do you plan on finishing it in the next 2 months?

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