[Development] CMake UNITY_BUILD ( QTBUG-109394 )

Friedemann Kleint Friedemann.Kleint at qt.io
Tue Feb 14 08:15:46 CET 2023


quick status update: I think the major part of source code changes is 
done, few changes are still in the works or waiting for review. Thanks 
for the reviews and proposals. I think most changes were actually for 
the better and quite some cruft and duplication was unearthed. We are 
hoping to get it all in + a change adding an option to configure so that 
it can be used.

I am now able to build Qt (qtbase/qtdeclarative and additional modules) 
in 10min (home-office), whereas before, qtdeclarative alone would have 
taken longer than that. This shows the potential; also for the projects 
depending on us in terms of server load, time and energy consumption.

Regards, Friedemann

Friedemann Kleint
The Qt Company GmbH

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