[Development] Resizing borders for dock widgets

Axel Spoerl axel.spoerl at qt.io
Sat Feb 18 14:42:36 CET 2023

Hi David,
The margin for recognizing a mouse resize is handled by the window manager, hence not controlled by Qt.
Since a QDockWidget is a window of its own and not embedded in a main window, the margins for resize handling are a little smaller than otherwise
(at least for Linux, not sure for other OSes).
That's why a dock widget is more affected if the window manager uses a thin border margin.
Depending on the window manager used, that margin can typically be modified on a theme level.
In GTK themes, the property is called "border-right-width" (left, top, bottom respectively).
In the Ambiance theme (frequently used used on Ubuntu), the property is set with a distance and defaults to 1.
You could increase the margin to 5px by adding / modifying a line in the theme:
<distance name="right_width" value="5"/>
(left, bottom, top respectively).

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Betreff: [Development] Resizing borders for dock widgets

When a dock widget is undocked (at least when using the “Fusion” style), the resizing border is very small (perhaps only 1 pixel).

This means it can the tricky to resize it on hi-res monitors.

Can this be changed please?

Cheers, David

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