[Development] Requesting feature freeze exception for QTBUG-105968

Hatem ElKharashy hatem.elkharashy at qt.io
Wed Jan 4 10:05:25 CET 2023

Hello All,

I sent this email on 11th of December 2022, but it did not show up because I was not subscribed.

This new API :


is not going to be finished before the feature freeze.

The new API covers these two tasks :



The main purpose of the API is to provide a way for the users to debug draw calls while using graphics API(OpenGL, Vulkan, D3D11, etc..). This works by triggering capturing at certain point from the code and the calls will be stored and can be replayed later. The API uses RenderDoc library for that. Since rendering using graphics API can also be done using QOpenGL and QVulkan and not restricted to QtQuick with QRhi, It was a reasonable thought to add this API in QtBase under GUI.

The upsides of capturing frames programmatically by loading RenderDoc library instead of launching the application from RenderDoc UI are :

  *   Key bindings for capturing the window can be changed (useful for embedded).
  *   Capturing can be done without using keyboard (useful for embedded).
  *   Since the library is loaded from the application, the application can be launched from QtCreator and the UI can attach to it easily.
  *   Capturing frames on platforms not supported by the package provided on RenderDoc website.


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