[Development] New Qt example development guideline and revamping examples

Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
Wed Jan 18 17:50:58 CET 2023

Il 18/01/23 17:10, Kai Köhne ha scritto:
> (A nasty feature of uic is btw that it also does generate C++ code inside QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACE, QT_END_NAMESPACE. That is, if you have a .ui file for a Dialog, and you want to pre-declare the type generated by uic, you have to also put it in QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACE, QT_END_NAMESPACE, which is a bit surprising to me . Anyhow, changing this is probably not worth the breakages anymore ...

Well, it also makes no sense to keep doing it that way.

The code that uic generates belongs to the application, not to Qt. uic 
could get a -namespace X option and generate things in that namespace.

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