[Development] Raising the minimum to C++20

Marc Mutz marc.mutz at qt.io
Wed May 10 08:01:11 CEST 2023

On 10.05.23 01:21, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> On Tuesday, 2 May 2023 17:39:01 PDT Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> Opinions?
> BTW, here's the opinion of the GCC devs:
> Don't ever use the -std= option to raise the language from the default. That
> implies opting in to functionality that they're not entirely satisfied with,
> and may possibly still break ABI.

"The GCC dev_s_", or "one GCC dev"? And who? Jonathan? [citation needed]

BTW: Did any GCC version ever default to C++11? IIRC, they went from 
98/03 straight to 14 (which I agree with, but that's another story).

Pardon my French, but that sounds like ass-covering :)


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