[Development] unable to use lupdate(qt tools) in yocto sdk due to incorrect paths

arslan.ahmad at siemens.com arslan.ahmad at siemens.com
Tue May 30 16:50:14 CEST 2023

When running lupdate from a yocto sdk, I get the following error:
$ lupdate -pro example.pro
sh: 1: /usr/libexec/lupdate-pro: not found

Prefix = /usr
Headers = /usr/include
Libraries = /usr/lib64
ArchData = /usr/lib64
Data = /usr/share
Binaries = /usr/bin
LibraryExecutables = /usr/libexec
Plugins = /usr/lib64/plugins
Qml2Imports = /usr/lib64/qml
Translations = /usr/share/translations
Documentation = /usr/share/doc
Settings = /etc/xdg
Examples = /usr/share/examples
Tests = /usr/tests
HostPrefix = ../..
HostData = ../armv8a-oe-linux/usr/lib64
HostBinaries = usr/bin
HostLibraries = usr/lib64
HostLibraryExecutables = usr/libexec
Sysroot = ../../../armv8a-oe-linux
HostSpec = linux-oe-g++
TargetSpec = linux-oe-g++
SysrootifyPrefix = true

I was of the view that qttools would use HostLibraryExecutables but looking at the source of qttools, i came to know that

LibraryExecutables will be used and since that is an absolute path instead relative to the sdk, i get the above error. I can

resolve this by setting Prefix to ../.. and LibraryExecutables to usr/libexec, i.e. the values being used by HostPrefix and

HostLibraryExecutables respectively. The same problem occurs again when it enters usr/libexec since there is a separate qt.conf

there that lupdate-pro uses:

$ lupdate -pro example.pro

sh: 1: /usr/libexec/lprodump: not found

I made the same changes as the previous qt.conf, and now it works.

So my question here is that is this approach correct to update the qt.conf or will it cause any issues to the sdk?

I am using meta-qt6 on 6.2 LTS
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